Coaching for
Business Professionals

From Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence

Do you or someone in your staff need support to move forward professionally?

Many situations in business call for help:

  • A newly appointed manager who’s struggling to rise to the challenge. They were great at their specialist job but don’t possess the level of people skills required for management. And their confidence and performance are impacted.
  • A business professional at a crossroads: they feel unfulfilled and lack the clarity to make a change. Or they don’t know how to go about their chosen career transition.
  • A professional who experiences challenges with focus, effective communication, or work/life balance. Their productivity and performance are at stake.

The fast pace and competitiveness of the business world can be unforgiving: there’s little room for trial and error. You struggle with doubts and questions and long for clarity. You’d like to have an advisor, someone to talk to who has only your agenda and best interests at heart.

What you’re looking for is a coach.

A coach helps you become crystal clear on what you want and what will help you achieve it. It’s like having your own personal navigator for the journey that is your career, someone to help you find your way and help you stay on course. Your coach’s role is to listen without judgment, hold you accountable to the promises you make to yourself, and support you in becoming all that you strive to be.

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“The coach’s job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that the client already has”.

– International Coaching Federation

Coaching for Business Professionals in the Netherlands

As a Professional Certified Coach (ICF PCC), I create a safe space to focus on your work-related and interpersonal skills. I help you identify and understand the issue at stake and come to a decision that makes sense.

My aim is to help you achieve your full potential in areas such as:

  • Management development: daring to lead, managing people, learning to delegate, being decisive;
  • Career coaching: determining the right next step, preparing for a transition, taking time out to review who you are now, not who you were;

  • Professional development: communicating effectively, managing time, and managing work/life balance.

Through coaching, you’ll uncover the blocks that hinder you and learn powerful tools to ensure your success.

How does it work?

Format: It can be individual or group coaching. I offer packages of 12 sessions (over a period of 3 months) or 6 sessions. I also offer Maintenance follow-up and Coach on Speed Dial services (call your coach in an emergency).

Fee: Each coaching program is tailored to your specific needs, which I assess through a coaching needs analysis interview and review of key performance indicators. I will therefore send you a proposal.

What you can expect to achieve after working with me:

  • Crystal clear direction for the next stage of your career
  • Enhanced work-style skills that improve effectiveness, efficiency, and results
  • Increased confidence in your role, your capabilities, and your value to the organization

  • Greater communication skills and flexibility to handle diverse personalities at work

  • A better balance between your professional and personal life

  • A clearer idea and recognition of your true potential

Jacinta Noonan is coaching a business professional off camera while sitting at a table.

Contact me to discuss how my Coaching for Business Professionals program can help you overcome your doubts and gain clarity on your work and career.