Helping you to undo the fears that prevent you from being sensational.

With a passion for helping people to achieve their true potential, Jacinta Noonan’s long and successful career as a coach and trainer is more a divine calling than a job choice.

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Workshops are a fun way to learn about yourself through interaction with others. You get feedback that is refreshing and often different to what you have heard before, you can test your ideas in a safe, nurturing environment and you get to see yourself from a different perspective.

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ADD/ADHD Coaching for Adults

If you have ADD/ADHD (or suspect you might have), then you will benefit from coaching that is specifically targeted to your style of thinking and the way you process information. Jacinta Noonan understands the particular needs of someone with ADD/ADHD and has developed specific tools to help you build on your strengths and reduce the impact of your weak points.

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