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We are more effective, more successful and MUCH happier when we are doing things we are passionate about. Discover who you really are, what you always were, how to put the things you love into your life and work.

Everyone will agree that we are more effective, more successful and MUCH happier when we are doing things we are passionate about. Unfortunately, too many people lose touch with their passions as they get caught up in the climb to the top, or trying to make ends meet or doing what others expect of them.

If you feel your spirit has become a little tarnished and needs a polish to bring the sparkle back, then the Find Your Passion coaching program is designed to do just that!
Some people enjoy a workshop environment, whereas for others an individual program works best. This is why the Find Your Passion coaching package has been created. The aim of the coaching program is similar to the Find Your Passion workshop but will be more comprehensive and, of course, focused only on YOU.

The program consists of 12 x 60 minute coaching sessions, one session per week with homework activities for you to complete between sessions.

The coaching program will help you get back in touch with your passions, and to unlock any hidden passions that are yearning to be fulfilled. We will explore what is hindering you from realising your passions and you will find strategies to overcome these obstacles. Through coaching you will come to understand the beliefs and values that are underpinning your choices in life and we will do belief change work if your ‘old beliefs’ are holding you back.

The journey will take you to a destination where you will know what it is you want to do AND you will know HOW to make this happen. You will have a clear Action Plan to follow once the coaching program is completed to ensure that you keep moving forward, allowing yourself to do the things you are most passionate about.

And additional bonus is that you can choose to complete a “Management Drives” test which assesses your inner drives and helps you gain a better understanding of your strengths and what suits you best in terms of a career.

If you would like to find out more about the Find Your Passion Coaching program call or email:
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This workshop aims to get you back in touch with your Core Passions, first by exploring what passion is; and then by taking you on a journey to your inner self… read more


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Find Your Passion & turn it into income

Without having to go into the office everyday, what should I do with all this free time? For me, one of the great things about coming to the Netherlands 15 years ago was having the opportunity to reinvent myself. As a woman who had worked since it was legally possible, my identity was too closely linked to my job as an Elementary School teacher. Suddenly, here I was, not a teacher but not yet anything else. Who was I, actually? I realized, I was whatever I chose to be.

If you’ve move to Holland or another country as a result of your partner’s job, you may suddenly find yourself with oodles of free time. Some people might find this a shock, especially if, like me, you over- identified with your job and position. Whether you’re in shock or not, this free time provides you with a great opportunity to try your hand at something else. What are you passionate about? What did you never get time to do when you were working full-time? As Marcia Wieder Dream Coach® says, “When we are in touch with our passion, we have more energy and more enthusiasm. We should get paid for doing what we love”. Here are some examples of how women re-discovered their passions when they moved countries and turned them into a new career.

My Own Coaching Practice My passion has always been people and my biggest dream was to have my own practice as a therapist. Since being in Holland I was awarded my psychology degree, then I went on to do my NLP studies, followed by my Coaching certificates. (I changed my mind about therapy). Having done all that, I then set up my business which provides coaching and training to expats. I am now living my dream. I often wonder if I were still at home, would I be doing all this or would I still be an elementary teacher?

Cards by Gaynor Gaynor Twining is passionate about drawing. One year she dared to send to her friends, delightful birthday cards that she had designed and made herself. The response was so positive that she continued to make her own cards for friends and family. I saw so much potential in these delightful little designs that I had to encourage her to produce them commercially. I am proud to say she has just recently released her first series of gift cards. Her passion for drawing is potentially turning into a money generator and giving lots of pleasure, not only to herself, but to others as well.

Career in Your Suitcase Jo Parfitt is passionate about writing. She wrote her very first cookery book while living in France, called French Tarts even though she didn’t know a thing about cooking at the time! She has expatriated to many countries over the course of her married life, but she takes her portable writing career with her everywhere she goes. Jo is now a well-known journalist and author, runs a successful publishing company and gives inspirational workshops (I know because I have attended both), called Release the Book Within and Definite Articles. She is passionate about helping others find their passion and runs a course to do just that. Jo has just written her first song called Find Your Passion. Her book, Career-in-Your-Suitcase 2 is filled with great ideas for expats. and

Other inspiration Paula is passionate about fashion and gives advice to women and makes beautiful clothing. Diedre is passionate about cooking and has started her own catering business. Noel is passionate about homemade soaps and bee balm and makes beautiful products for her friends and family. Sara is passionate about mirrors and makes gorgeous gold or silver gilded frames for her mirrors. Melanie is passionate about office efficiency and helping people. She started an E-secretarial service to support small businesses. Trish is passionate about juices and started her mobile juice bars, see What are YOU passionate about? What hidden talents do you have that might be ready to burst out?

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