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Big on the Inside – Healthy Weight Workshop

This introductory one day workshop is for you if you are frustrated with your weight struggles, are ready to change but find it difficult to commit fully to an all-embracing change program.
You will meet with your trainer for a one hour coaching session prior to the workshop to discuss your weight issues and to set achievable goals.

During the workshop you will:

  • Discover why diets don’t work and what DOES work
  • Understand and gain mastery over your eating triggers
  • Learn that you are what you eat – learn about food, mood and super foods
  • Develop strategies to overcome your saboteur and maintain motivation
  • Design a personal action plan for immediate implementation

The workshop will be a combination of presentations and interactive sessions such as pair work activities, group tasks and open discussions. Consolidation exercises will also be included.

At the end of the workshop you will leave loaded up with valuable information so that you can make informed choices about how to achieve and maintain your most healthy weight. You will take with you a powerful action plan that you can implement immediately. But most importantly, with your new insights you will be in a stronger position to make positive changes in the way you deal with your weight issues.

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For more information or questions contact Jacinta, call +31 6 51276691 or email info {at} bigontheinside.com

Healthy Weight Workshop Includes

  • An inspiring one day workshop starting at 9.30 till 16.30
  • A personal 60 minute coaching session with Jacinta to set achievable goals
  • A course book containing information sheets, action plan, tips for success plus much more
  • A copy of Jacinta’s book, My Perfect Weight
  • A Visualisation CD
  • Lunch and refreshments

€199 (ex BTW)

Additional Bonus
If you feel you would like weekly support to keep you on track, the Big on the Inside Coaching Package will do the trick. All Healthy Weight workshop participants will receive a 10 % discount off the price of a “Big on the Inside” Coaching package. Click here for more details.

Special offer
If you would like to organize a Healthy Weight workshop for your club members or girlfriends, please contact Jacinta to discuss possibilities. Minimum 4 participants, Maximum 8 participants
As a thank you for organizing the workshop, you get to attend for free.

‘Thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate in your course. I have really benefited from the experience and feel I have developed new understanding and skills to help me deal with my issues around food and eating.
The group was a truly lovely bunch of ladies from whom I also learnt a lot.”

For more information go to the Big on the Inside website: www.bigontheinside.com

Interesting article: Maybe another Diet is NOT the answer

Maybe another Diet is NOT the answer!

The New Year has arrived and, after a festive month of eating and drinking, most of us make the New Year’s resolution to go on a diet? Are you someone who does this every year with little success? Have you tried every diet available, from the cabbage soup diet to Atkins with only short-term results? Does your weight continually yo-yo up and down? Well, before you go on yet another diet, you might find these facts interesting.

Diets mean physical deprivation. When you go on a diet, you drastically decrease your calorie intake, your body registers a state of starvation and lowers your metabolic rate, and your survival instinct kicks in and drives you to eat. Furthermore, you will probably have less energy for physical activity. A better option would be to slowly decrease the size of your servings over a longer period of time and to increase your physical activity.

Diets mean emotional deprivation. The funny thing about humans is that the minute you deprive us of something, we start obsessing about it. Eventually we respond to this deprivation by rebelling. With dieting this means when we think we have ‘blown it’ we tend to overeat. We then feel guilty, eat for comfort, then begin dieting again. And so the cycle repeats itself getting more and more out of control. Therefore I encourage you to NOT deprive yourself at all. Instead, make choices. Say to yourself, “I can have it if I want it, but do I really want it just right now?” Also give yourself a moment to check if you are really hungry or if your urge to eat is a signal of an unmet emotional need.

Diets mean incorrect focus. When dieting, you shift your focus away from the real reason behind your eating and you remain in a state of denial. When you stop dieting, the chances of your weight going straight back on are very high. Why? Because you haven’t addressed the real reason behind your overeating and you will revert to old habits. Rather than going on a food diet, why not start a “Pamper Myself Diet”. List all the ways you can pamper yourself with activities other than eating. Then the next time you realize you are eating for emotional reasons, grab your list and pamper yourself! Also keep in mind – what you focus on, is what you get! Dieting keeps you focused on the problem, not the solution.

Diets mean you have a ineffectual goal. Usually people aim to reach a certain ‘ideal’ weight. This is not powerful enough to motivate you for long. Instead ask yourself: a) What do I want? b) What will that do for me? c) How will I know when I have it? d) How strong is my belief that this is possible? e) What will get in the way? f) What solutions can I think of now to overcome potential obstacles? g) Why is this goal important to me? Writing down these answers will help you get very clear and focused. Write your goal again, this time as a powerful, exciting goal that will motivate you daily.

Diets only provide short- term weight loss. What we all want is to maintain our weight loss in the long-term! However, dieting does not teach you healthier food choices, or how to develop better habits, or how to face your emotional triggers and get beyond them, or how to learn to love your body. Once you stop the diet, your problems resurface because they are still there. Dieting focuses on the symptom, not the cause. Instead of trying to force yourself to stick to a diet, why not put that energy into understanding your overeating behavior and learning new habits that are maintained in the long-term.

Recommended Reading If Not Dieting, Then What?, by Dr Rick Kausman The Ultimate Weight Solution, by Dr Phil McGraw Overcoming Overeating, by Jane Hirschmann and Carol Munter Change Your Life In 7 Days, by Paul McKenna Lighten Up, by Pete Cohen and Judith Verity The Only Diet There Is, by Sondra Ray