Weight Loss Coaching – Big on the Inside

“Thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate in your course. I have really benefited from the experience and feel I have developed new understanding and skills to help me deal with my issues around food and eating. The group was a truly lovely bunch of ladies from whom I also learnt a lot.”

“An atmosphere of trust and open-ness was quickly established, and I really appreciated the opportunity to discuss the issues in a group context – very powerful. I have a feeling that the workshop will continue to have an effect in the longer term.”

“Excellent, I liked the continued focus on psychological aspects of eating management. And the Self-improvement.”

“It was exceedingly useful, especially for me about mood foods and blood sugar levels and also why I had a bad relationship with food.”

“I feel a lot stronger to take charge of my life. I did not expect to gain so much from the course so was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend this experience to everyone.”

Find Your Passion

“Thank you very much for the lovely and interesting workshop you have presented in Hague. Apart of the knowledge you have conveyed to us you are a very pleasant and warm person. It was a real pleasure listening to you. Warm regards from the snowy white and cold Szczecin in Poland.”
Anna, PL

“I want to thank you for your presentation at the President’s Training Weekend. It went very well and I heard from lots of people that they liked it very much! And it was useful too, Anna, a young Polish girl at my table, said it stimulated her to try and look for a new job!
Renee, NL

“I just came back from a workshop you led in Groningen for the Connections group. I thought it was excellent, despite a very short time allotment you had. Both of your websites are quite impressive as well.”
Marina, NL

“Just wanted to say it was great to meet you today, and that although you had a very short time slot in which to give us a taste of the normal whole day workshop, it was very interesting and inspiring.
One thing I will be doing is completing the questionnaire. I was not able to come up with answers to some of the questions immediately, and think it would be interesting to see what else I can find out about myself via this.”
Alison, NL

“We greatly appreciated your presentation yesterday. You are such an enthusiastic, lively and charming personality, that it was a joy for all of us to see you and listen to you. And your singing was the crown on your talk. We hope that we will become more conscious of what we aspire to. You may have given some of us a push in the right direction.”
Hanna, NL

“I really enjoyed your presentation. You ladies make a great team. You’ll rock their socks off in Holland.”
Mary, UK

“Thanks for a truly fab day.”
Jane, UK

“Worth giving up a Saturday lie-in for!”
Fiona, UK

“Best money I’ve ever spent on a course.”
Andrea, NL

“It was a really valuable process and a great kick start for me in getting my rear-end into gear! Thank you for today, it was a great combination of hugely inspiring, scary and fun.”
Bairbre, NL

Presentation Skills

“Thanks for a very excellent work group this afternoon. I only intended to stay for the first half, but found that part so engaging, I stayed on for the rest.”
G.W., NUS MBA Candidate Singapore