ADULT ADHD Support Group Singapore

2014 was a great year for the Support Group. We had a lot of fun sharing our stories, laughing at our quirks and enjoying lots of success as we shared tips and tricks that had worked for us individually.

We will kick off again in January 2015, meeting once a month in the Novena area. The idea of the group is to provide a safe place to talk about anything related to living with our unique brain wiring. The atmosphere is one of positivity and celebration.

I hadn’t realised this until the participants told me at our end of year party. Up until then, ADHD was like this dark disability that needed ‘fixing’. By being part of the group, people came to appreciate their incredible talents, strengths and uniqueness. They learned to laugh at the incredibly funny things we do and enjoy the sparkle that having an ADHD brain brings to our lives.

But sometimes we do get frustrated and upset when things seem to be going wrong. But the group is there to give you support and a shoulder to lean on.  Everyone in the group has a different talent or skill and so everyone is enriched in different ways.  For example, someone is brilliant at planning and has developed amazing systems to keep on top of things. Another participant loves Apps and keeps us up to date with the latest and the greatest.

If you would like to be part of this group, do give me, Jacinta, a call on 8181 8957 or email me at Jacinta { at }

By the way, I have another website devoted entirely to ADHD so perhaps you would like to connect with me there.

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